Unfortunately we can't organise our festival or any of our intimate parties. But because we want to keep in touch with you we started to do weekly livestreams on Youtube. We don't earn any money with our streams just yet but we hope in the future with enough subscribers we will. To help us in these difficult times we ask you to donate. You can donate to us by clicking on the donate button. It's safe and easy! 

You will also help us a lot by subscribing to our Youtube channel:

We thank you sincerely.


What can you bring and can’t you bring ?

You are allowed to bring a cam or go pro to make vids and pictures.

You can’t bring professional recording equipment to make pics and vids.

You can’t bring your own food and drinks.

You can’t bring fireworks or sharp/dangerous objects.

You can’t bring drugs. We will inform the police if we retrieve it on the festival sight.



all ages are welcome! We ply a NIX18 and ID is required. Families are responsible for for their children and are welcome until 18:30. Children up to 14 years old have a free entrance under guidance by their parents



We create a tolerance atmosphere for everyone.

If certain behaviour is experienced as unpleasant, threatening or intimidating, a warning is first given, and repeated removal from the festival site follows.



Drinks and food are paid with coins. The coins can be purchased at the festival site at the cash desk.

Bringing your own drinks and food is not permitted on the festival grounds. There are food trucks available. Purchased coins can be returned after the festival.



The organisation and volunteers / parties involved are not responsible for personal injury and / or damage to personal property. You are responsible for your own property. The Uhm Festival is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to your personal property. Properties of the Uhm Festival and participants such as the food trucks and markets may not be moved without permission and may not be damaged or taken outside the event grounds. Anyone who causes damage to these properties pays for the costs of repair or renewal.



In the event of an emergency you must follow the instructions of the staff at all times.



During the festival, recordings are made for promotion but also to register calamities. By entering the festival ground you agree to make these recordings.



Complaints with regard to the organisation or participating partners can be reported to the organisation at the latest one week after the event via the email address: to Liesbet van Geert